11th june - 8th august 2016

This summer, Bonita will be working with an international team of mountaineers to attempt to climb one of the world's highest peaks.

The team will be climbing well above 8000m, entering a place called the Death Zone, and will be using supplementary oxygen on their ascent. They expect to battle through minus 40 degree temperatures, as well as taking on extreme objective danger on the mountain itself.

The expedition will take them to one of the remotest places on Earth- the nearest village is a 6 day walk away, and comms will be limited.

For updates on the progress of their expedition, please visit Bonita's blog page.

Bonita wants to share a message to others as she takes on this challenge: 

What If I fail?
My dear, what if you fly?

Quite simply, that just by attempting something out of our comfort zones we learn so much, and we realise that we are far more capable than perhaps what we first think. We must all take risks, we must all seek to understand what is important to us, and what risks are worth taking. We must also have the courage to take leaps of faith and follow the path less travelled by, despite overwhelming chances of failure, and the intimidating mountain of hard work ahead.

I am almost convinced that we will not reach the top of this mountain. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the mountains of the heart- of having the courage to take on risk, to follow our dreams, to be willing to grasp life and all its opportunities. I know I will never look back and regret the incredible experiences Ive had and the lessons I’ve learned. They are by far the most precious things in life.


Bonita has received fantastic support from three world class brands. 


Ordnance Survey have been a long term partner of Bonita, having worked together since early 2015 on the Get Outside campaign. OS chose to support the expedition because of how its potential to inspire a future generation of budding hill walkers and mountaineers.

Dear Kate approached Bonita in early 2016 looking to support her expedition. Dear Kate is an empowering brand of active wear clothing for women, with cutting edge materials that women can trust when working out. Dear Kate felt strongly compelled to support Bonita to do something that we don't see many women doing: attempting to climb the world's highest mountains. They believe that Bonita's expedition will inspire other women and younger generations to have the courage to believe in themselves and follow out their own dreams.

The North Face is Bonita's official kit partner as well as an expedition sponsor. The world's leading outdoors brand, they have been at the forefront of exploration and pushing the limits of what's humanely possible for over 40 years. The North Face will be supplying Bonita with highly technical equipment necessary to survive in deadly conditions for long periods of time. The North Face's slogan is Never Stop Exploring, and they felt it was important to support Bonita to climb a peak that only a few women have successfully climbed in the past.