What an inspirational brilliant book to read, one of those books you cant wait to get back to. I am trying to get my 14 years daughter to read it, its one of those reads that one day you will look back and realise it was that book that made you get up and go for it, what ever “it” may turn out to be. It not just a book on climbing mountains but a book on climbing your mountain and just having the will to go for it. Bonita is the girl next door who just never accepted a “no” or a “never” and made her dreams come alive.
— Amazon customer

Bonita wrote and published her first book, The Girl Who Climbed Everest in 2017 with Hodder & Stoughton. The book tells the story of how Bonita went from novice mountaineer to standing on top of the world in only two years, and then what happened next. She talks with refreshing vulnerability and honesty about her motivations, her failures and why she was drawn to risk her life time and time again.

When published, the book received media coverage in The Times, Express, Sun and on the Loraine chat show, as well as appearing across many social media platforms as bloggers and influencers picked up on her inspirational story of overcoming odds and achieving a seemingly impossible dream.

Exellent read. Inspiring. You can achieve anything you want to by taking small steps. Could not put the book down until the end. Thoroughly recommended!
— Amazon customer