Bonita has pushed the limits of human outdoor endeavour in the most extreme environments on earth


Mt Manaslu 8156m, september 2009

On the 28th September 2009 Bonita stood on the fore-summit of Mt Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world. It was her first 8000m peak expedition and toughest to date. 

I was far out of my comfort zone, home sick and having to learn so much every day. Manaslu taught me to appreciate the incredible highs and deal with the lows of climbing Himalayan peaks- you give everything of yourself for just a few moments of pure joy.
— Bonita - 2009

mt everest 8848m, may 2010

6 months after Mt Manaslu, Bonita found herself at Everest base camp staring up in awe at the bulk of the highest mountain in the world.

The summit stretched another 2.5 vertical miles above us. I couldn’t even imagine reaching the top. It looked impossible.
— Bonita - 2010

Bonita and her team weaved their way up the hill over a 4 week period, and finally stood on the summit on the 17th May 2010. She had a marathon climb from 7000m to the summit. It took 26 hours with only a few hours rest at camp 4 before setting off into the night and climbing through minus 40* temperatures. 

I’ll never forget the amazing stars above us, or the pain and exhaustion of climbing in the death zone, and then the sunrise illuminating the curvature of the Earth.
— Bonita - 2010

The north pole, april 2011

A year after climbing Mt Everest, Bonita set off on an expedition to ski to the geographic North Pole. It took her team 8 days from the Russian owned camp Barneo to reach 90*. they battled extreme cold and negative drift from the sea currents. They were completely self sufficient, carrying all their food and equipment in sleds called "Pulks". 

“I remember feeling so far away from civilisation, that if anything went wrong out here in this wilderness, we were completely alone, just a few specks in this vast expanse of ice at the top of the world.”
— Bonita - 2011

ama dablam, november 2011

“Ama Dablam was the turning point in my climbing career. It’s a technically demanding mountain, with much harder climbing than on Mt Everest, albeit at much lower altitude. There were walls of granite and chimneys of ice, knife edge ridges and the unrelenting 70* ice wall on summit day. When we reached the summit, Lhakpa Wongchu and I looked over at Mt Everest, which we had climbed together the year earlier. I thanked him for looking after me on that mountain, it was one of the best moments of my life.”
— Bonita - 2011


mt lhotse 8516m, may 2012

When Bonita arrived back at Everest base camp in the Spring of 2012 to attempt to climb Everest's neighbour and the world's 4th highest peak, Lhotse, her peers were telling her that her chances of reaching the summit were slim. 

“I knew our chances were almost zero- the mountain was in bad condition and Lhotse was rarely climbed. A year later, the same people who were so sceptical then went on to climb Lhotse themselves. I’m really proud that we didn’t let dogma and the mountain’s reputation cloud our judgement. I took that expedition one day, one step at a time. I could not believe it when we reached the summit. It was the toughest mental challenge of my life- just to hang in there day after day when success looked impossible.”
— Bonita - 2012

next adventure, summer 2016

Bonita will set off for the highest mountains in the world again this Summer, to attempt another 8000m peak and the toughest expedition of her life.